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a_dreamyoga3This website is supported through The Art of Transformation. Here, we share all the happenings of the Yoga=Nest, The Farming Project, and the offerings of Aaron Ogden, the facilitator of The Art of Transformation. Please Enjoy and Thrive!

The purpose of this website is to connect, share, discover our purpose and what brings joy. Through yoga, writing, workshops and either hands-on or distance healing sessions or astrology readings and writing, the hope of the authors of the website is to welcome those who wish to do the work, which really is just effortlessly being.

Please explore, be inspired, connect!

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redwoods fallen treeThese posts range across the board to my philosophies about yoga, life, the heavens, the heart. I have some recipes to help you eat well, some astrological musings to help guide you in your life and calibrate with the energies around you, and some thoughts which I hope will help you reflect deeply, and simply be in what is.

Choose from the topics below. You can also subscribe to my newsletter through the contact page, or subscribe to the website feed (right column) in order to be notified when I update my pages.

Choose from the topics in the navigation bar or here:

Blessings and love… Be mindful and find joy along your path.

~ Aaron Ogden
The Art of Transformation

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* Uranus squares Pluto Nov 1, the peak of 4 out of 7 dead on squares= status quo has a terminal illness called Complete Change.
* Scorpio New Moon Solar Eclipse: Sunday November 3, 2013
* Mercury Retrograde update #3
* Current Conjunction Cycle with Sun and Moon= a new beginning in the middle of a disappearance act (eclipse)= a reality check (Saturn).. wait what? Read More→

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Full Moon in Aries- October 18 at 4:37p is a Lunar Eclipse.

What has not yet come to find target within ourselves is due to transpire through time’s bull’s eye; the illusions in our relationships will shed an elusive necessity to reach outside of ourselves, and ultimately fulfill a personal epiphany.  We transmute struggle into daily flow with Nature, rewire symbolic neural feedback with cosmic understanding, lean into resistance, and allow life’s events to support the Ultimate Truth of Life’s only lesson, this moment.

This spectacular Aries Full Moon will activate an individualistic, pioneering vibration producing a final bounty to harvest.. full of rewarding re-emphasis in relationship recalibration and dutiful discernment in values of the heart, all stemming directly from the major cataclysmic shifting of the recent New Moon October 4 in the seriously opposing sign of Libra.  The reason why this is yet another mouthy moon-full?   Read More→

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October 2013 Libra New Moon= A New Way of Relating

NOTE: This is BIG:  Remember Tom Hank’s Movie,’s kind-of like that-  wish a wish, and suddenly you wake up one morning are grown up, but you still feel like a kid :)

Question: What will you do (how will you feel) with this newly discovered power and ability?   How will you maintain connection to your child-like sense of wonder and awe?  How will you watch your Life change?   Read More→

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Pisces Full Moon illuminates the early morning on September 19 =  re-surrecting the heart’s voice and community values… at the SWAP MEET!

NOTE: This message of the omens is infused with the values of voicing sharing and caring.. and it’s a mouthful.

This week’s Full Moon culminates not only the spacious discernment of new alignment patterns in this month’s Virgo new Moon, but ALL of 2013′s alchemically deep driving NECESSITY to re-prioritize our authentic values, and give new voice to truthful desires and perspectives–and this propulsion is bargaining its directive through the collective karmic “Swap Meet” where relationship shadows are transformed and balanced swap by swap, meet by meet, and heart by heart. Read More→

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May these words bring clarity and a softness to the inside of the heart-space.  With an increasing amount of questions rolling in regarding skewed astrological hype washed out in myriad perspectives, here is a spontaneous response for your appetite.
With all of the information floating in and out of our awareness about anything and everything, it is of most prominent importance that each individual check in with themselves, especially when One feels compelled or pulled by information that streams into their awareness field.  As Astrology becomes more of a conscious tool in the main stream, many individuals are sending out messages and stories based on how they read or feel the omens.  I offer the same.  With this scenario, much of the Astrological omens are read jaded through the “new age spirituality,” incomplete research, or even slanted to a dreamy “heavenly” state which lacks the richness of a complete story. Read More→

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Plants are the source of Life itself;

Pain is a conservation with your essence of Being-

Gardening is attention to plants and their messages to us.  Attention can be made an attitude of cherishing.

Cherish your thoughts for they are simply an attention to what is.

Through growing your own food, your regain cooperation.  Join in on the action.

Look for an upcoming publication of An Ability: co-create with plants writings from the past 2 years farming food forests in Ojai on The Yoga=Nest’s hillside of magic.  Stay tuned!

There is a second coming of the historical Jesus Christ.

This ‘coming’ is scheduled for right Now.

Stay tuned for signs of arrival.. originally discovered within the body.

The historical Christ was not actually crucified on the cross, physically speaking.  He was literally rejected from the Jew society though; in which he fled the town for a short time.  Meanwhile, the citizens felt and experienced together a crucifiction of another man who they envisioned as Christ through an innerward connection and collaboration.  This was much like a mass inner dream shared so deeply and sincerely that the outer vision was skewed for another.

What this means is pointing toward a grand misperception that occurred upon the third day after ‘Christ’s’ death and disappearance, while he appeared to his disciples (believers) who had likewise mistaken the crucifiction of another for Christ. The men were ultimately convinced that Christ’s body had risen from death for they could not believe it any other way.  This view is partly true in that Christ’s departure from the city had caused him an inward death-  and upon his return, Jesus had already ascended through the crown chakra and met the 12-12 energetic configuration, or God.  When he met the disciples in their astonishment so full of misperception, Jesus chose to ‘ascend’ or leave his connection with humans and go alone  (remain) with his true self, God.  In this attention of Jesus’ alone, the disciples were never able to see or be with Christ again, so they simply wrote stories about what it was like being with him, walking with him, fishing and living with Christ Energy.

The End.  Reread the Bible through the ascension that is possible for each human upon willingness to create a relationship with death.  To soften.  This is available Now.

Before Jesus lifted his burdens he said that others would know of him in their hearts, so the second coming of Christ was predicted by he, himself.  The time is ready.  Please allow your heart’s cave to be open so that the energy can remain easy.

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Yoga brings out your super-hero powers.

The Way or path of the practice deeply resembles what you might do and how you may move as if you were to find yourself with the lights suddenly shut off and you are stuck in the middle of an unknown room. You may immediately begin the process of allowing, or learning to see in the dark.

Movement is required to slow down,.. way down– so that you may meet the unseen, hard objects which surround you with such a slower speed so that the touch (or meeting point) becomes sensative to the already abrupt edge; and the hard is felt as soft and you are safe around the unknown objects and boundaries because the soft overcomes the hard.

A slower pace allows for more grounded movement which induces of heavy feeling.  Your body becomes so heavy and solid so that you can safely move up against your surrounding edges without being injured–  Now, because you are also lightening in response to this ground.. so the feeling is likewise of softness when you meet the edge; your body’s becoming lighter just as 0pposites of heavy and light define eachother.

You  will continue to move and rather feel your way through the darkness and you notice your vision gets a little brighter moment by minute.  Yet you have not found a light switch,  you are still ‘forced’ to move about in this unknown land blindly and you notice that it begins to get easier.  You begin to ‘see’ in a whole new way, in a whole new light.   And so from the darkness shall come the Light.

With this new-found ease of movement, the still-darkened environment becomes friendlier and less threatening and incapacitating and you feel yourself in a flow, you begin to breath easy again, and you are swimming softly in fluidity.  Now being stuck in the dark is mostly constricting to your normal view of sight just as being stuck under the water would be completely constricting to your breath intake.  So in this new world of unknown darkness which now is getter brighter and movement is lighter, you are making use of your new senses in new manners, and you learn how to breath under water.

You become a super hero as you develop your willingness to be receptive and allow.  This is your Yin practice and direct access to a total healing energy current can be ‘dis-covered,’ like uncovering the veil that hides the answer to a mystery by directly jumping into the veil itself.

Try it out, either through a Yoga class or simply turn off the lights and step into and therefore through the veil of Light into the Dark.  Become empowered through slowing down into receptivity, allow and become the lightworker that you are!